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Last Upgrades

Date Upgrade
19 October 2016
1) Rotating models with M=1.5 Msun at various [Fe/H] (-2.15;-1.67;-1.15;-0.67;-0.37;-0.15)
2) New model at [Fe/H]=-2.45 and [Fe/H]=-2.85 and different masses (1.3;1,5;2.0)
3) New set with extended 13C pockets
1 August 2015
Intermediate mass models (4-5-6 Msun) at all metallicities
20 March 2014
1) Rotating models (M=2 Msun with Z=1.4e-2; M=1.5 Msun with Z=3e-4)
2) Intermediate mass models (4-5-6 Msun) with Z=3e-4
01 March 2013
Models at Z=1e-4 and Z=3e-4 + Total yields for all the models
09 August 2012
M=1.3 Msun models at all metallicities (from Z=2e-2 to Z=1e-3)

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